Meet the Team

Cherie Baker DC Rescue Dogs Founder Cherie with two small puppies
Founder of DC Rescue Dogs, Trustee, Dog Foster and Adoption Co-ordinator, Facebook Page Admin
“Dogs just find me! What started out as a hobby turned into a slight obsession.
When I’m not at work keeping people’s teeth healthy, I’m outside with a following of dogs, horses and a cat with attitude.
Rescue is heartbreaking, tests your limits, and it never ends, but seeing the transformation from an unwanted scared puppy into a valued member of family who has that sparkle back in their eye makes it all worth it.
My own team of 3 dogs all found me at various stages of their life. They make sure the foster dogs blossom and love life.



Emma Bradley
Trustee, Overseer of the Desex a Dog Programme, Fundraising Co-ordinator, Facebook Page Admin
“I am currently a stay at home Mum to my daughter & two dogs. Stella is my first dog & opened up my world to dogs & my love for them. We rescued Tank in 2013 & he has fit right in & shows everyone just how awesome rescue dogs are. I am one of the trustees for DC Rescue & help out however I can from running the auction page to helping with events & raising money. I love being involved with awesome people for such an amazing cause.”




Kelly Wolfe
Trustee, Photographer, Website/Flyer Design, Facebook Page Admin
“I am a bull farmer from the Waikato, and have a team of 12 working & pet dogs including Heading Dogs, Huntaways, Beardies, a Border Collie & a Kelpie X. I am one of DC Rescue Dogs trustees and first got involved in the rescue in 2013 through my pet photography business, volunteering my time to photograph our dogs and puppies looking for their forever homes. These days I also foster a few dogs and help out with our social media, design & whatever else needs doing. My favourite part of rescue work is seeing the transformation in the dogs from the day we pick them up from the pound, to being so happy & loved in their new forever homes.”



Sascha Van Doodewaard

Trainer, Facebook Page Admin
“I initially became involved with DC Rescue Dogs in 2014 after offering to become a foster home. After having over 100 foster puppies and dogs pass through my home it was safe to say I was hooked on rescue work! I run a dog behaviour and training business called Citizen Canine. In my spare time I sort foster homes for puppies, arrange adoptions, help with transport, help out with social media/advertising and give training advice to foster homes/adoptive parents. Rescue work can be challenging but seeing dogs end up in their forever homes happy and loved makes it extremely rewarding!

Jordan Cara Falcus
Facebook Page Admin

Alicia Tay
Facebook Page Admin