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We do not have a shelter, and instead rely on foster homes throughout the Waikato and Auckland regions. These foster homes provide a lifeline for these dogs who are usually out of other options, and the chance to find their forever homes.


What does fostering involve?
Fostering a dog involves caring for a dog or puppy until we find them a forever home. Treat them like they were your own and teach them about what life outside of the pound means.

Requirements for fostering:

  • Fully fenced, secure property (or if rural, somewhere warm and secure for a dog/puppy for when you are not home).
  • Time to devote to socialising the dog or puppy. We have a professional trainer on the team who can advise you on this if you are not sure.
  • Able to get them to a vet appointment for desexing, vaccination and microchip.
  • A phone that potential adopters can contact you on to arrange meet and greets.
  • Able to send photos and updates through to the DC admin team for advertising. We have professional photographers available to help if you find photographing your foster dog difficult.
  • Must be able to interact with our team, support services (eg vets, trainers) and the public respectfully.

What we provide:

  • We provide full support, with several admins available via phone or messages if needed.
  • We have a foster group for asking any questions or advice and support. We have professional trainers and many very experienced dog owners in the group who can assist if you have any difficulties.
  • You will have access to our foster guide which has all the information you will need about vets, processes, tips and tricks etc.
  • We pay all vet bills and can supply food, worm/flea products and crates etc if required.
  • We do require that you are able to commit to the foster dog for a reasonable length of time, as we are often quite full and may not be able to move dogs around easily if you decide that you do not want the foster dog anymore. However if there are any issues and the dog needs to be moved immediately, we will always do our best to provide assistance and find another placement for the dog.

LauraRescue Collie X Puppy in New Zealand

BiancaHow it works
We will advertise the dog/puppy, assess interested parties and run all property/council checks. If we get a good match for your dog or puppy we will pass your number on so they can call you to arrange a time to meet with you and the dog/puppy. If the meet and greet goes well, let us know and we will finalise the adoption.

How do I get started with fostering?
Please email us or message us on Facebook.

Things we need to know:

  • Your property must be fully fenced and secure, or if it is rural you must have somewhere safe and warm for the dog to stay if you are not home. Please send through photos and an address for our council checks.
  • Please let us know if you own the property or if you have landlord permission to have dogs at the property.
  • Please send through your best contact phone number for us and prospective adopters to contact you on.
  • Please let us know a bit about you and the environment you can offer a foster dog. Things we are especially interested in are; do you have any children in the house? Do you have any other pets? What previous dog owning/handling experience do you have? Do you have a preference for breed/age etc? How much exercise would you likely be able to provide a dog? This allows us to match you with the most suitable foster dog for your home.
  • Please confirm that you are able to do everything under the “Requirements for fostering” list.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” 
- Karen Davison



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