Here are the answers to some of our commonly asked questions. You can use ctrl/command F to search for any specific questions. If we haven’t answered your question here or you require more information, please get in touch and we are happy to help.

About Us
Who are DC Rescue Dogs?
DC Rescue Dogs is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2012 by Cherie Baker. We have grown over the years and now have three trustees (Cherie, Emma Bradley and Kelly Wolfe), and a large team of volunteers and foster families who help run the rescue, including answering questions through the page and email, fundraising, fostering dogs, transporting dogs when needed etc. In that time, we have successfully rehomed hundreds of dogs, as well as a handful of cats and horses.

What does the “DC” in DC Rescue Dogs stand for?
DC Rescue Dogs was originally named for Cherie and her partner David’s intials.

Where is DC Rescue Dogs based?
We do not have a shelter as such, and operate out of foster homes so that dogs get used to living in a typical family environment. These foster homes are located throughout the Waikato and Auckland, New Zealand.

What is the best form of contact?
We are all volunteers and work full time jobs in addition to running the rescue. Because of this, the best way to contact us is via Facebook messages or email. We have 3 of us monitoring these messages in our breaks so you will get the fastest reply there. Please keep in mind that we receive over 200 messages per day and questions can sometimes get lost in the shuffle so if you don’t get a reply within 48 hours please try again!

Where do the dogs come from?
We rescue dogs from dog pounds throughout the North Island, as well as some owner surrenders. For many of our dogs we are their last chance.

Adopting a Dog
What dogs do you have available?
All of our dogs have albums under the “Photos” tab on our Facebook page, and also on our website. The availability of that dog is stated in the title of the album. We have new dogs coming in all the time, of all different types and breeds. If we don’t have something suitable right now, check back later.What are the requirements to adopt a dog?
We rehome dogs to fully fenced, preferably owner occupied homes who will have the time to spend training and socialising with their dog. We require photos of your fencing, as well as an address to run a council background check.

We rent our home. Can we still adopt?
Yes you can, as long as you can supply written landlord permission. We also give preference to renters who have been in their house for a reasonable length of time.

What is the adoption fee and what does that include?
The majority of our dogs are $280 each, while some of our dogs may be cheaper or more expensive depending on what medical costs we have had to cover. All of our team are volunteers, and all of the money from adoption fees and fundraising goes back in to the rescue to recoup some of the costs from each dog. All dogs are desexed, vaccinated (at least their first vaccination, possibly more if they are older), registered with council and NZCAR, microchipped and treated for worms/fleas before going to their new homes.

Can we still adopt if we are out of town?
Yes, we have adopted dogs out all over New Zealand! We do ask that all prospective owners meet with the dog prior to adoption so you will still need to travel to meet the dog. We are able to help arrange transport to your town if you are a good match.

How do we arrange to meet a dog? What is the adoption process?
Message the page or email us via the website and tell us a bit about the home that you can offer a lucky dog. Things we want to know are:

Is your property fully fenced? Please provide photos.
Do you have any other pets?
Do you have any children in your household?
Do you have time for training and socialisation for a dog or puppy?
Do you have any previous dog experience?

If this sounds like a good match, then we can suggest a dog that might be a good fit for your lifestyle, or pass on the contact details for the dog or puppy that you enquired about.

If once you meet the dog or puppy you decide that they will be a good match for your lifestyle, then let us know and we will run a council check (this can be done prior to meeting the dog if you are from out of town).

If this checks out then you pay the adoption fee for your dog or puppy, and you are able to take your dog or puppy home! Please keep in touch and send us updates – we love seeing how dogs are doing in their new homes.

If you have any issues, you are always welcome to get in touch and we will do our best to assist.

Dogs are not first in first served. We sometimes receive multiple applications for each dog, and we select the home that is the best fit for that particular dog. We appreciate all enquiries and thank you for your interest in our dogs!

How you can help us
What are the ways that we can help?
We are always on the look out for reliable foster homes!
If you can’t foster, you can also help by sharing dogs posts with friends, family and Facebook groups to help find their forever homes. Fundraising is another great way to help, whether that is helping at our fundraising events (info about those are posted on the page – message us if you are keen to help out!) or donating goods for us to sell on our auction page or at garage sales. Dog food, leads, bedding etc are always needed too – we can accept any brand or type.
We also accept financial donations. How can we donate? Our bank account is DC Rescue Dogs, account number 03 1318 0109617 000. Every little bit helps!

How do we become a foster home?
Foster homes have similar requirements to adopting, and can be We require fully fenced sections and you must have enough time to spend with the dog or puppy for walks/training. You will also need transport of some kind to get dogs to and from vet appointments for desexing, vaccinating etc (all paid for by the rescue), and a phone that people who we have approved can contact you to arrange viewing. We can supply food, bedding etc. We also love to take dogs out to events to meet the public and find their new homes and it is great when foster homes are able to bring dogs along. If you are able to foster, please message the page or email us via the website and tell us a bit about the home that you can offer a lucky dog. Fostering time can range from one day to several months in rare cases, however we are always available to supply support, answer questions or move dogs if needed.

Things we want to know are:
Is your property fully fenced? Please provide photos.
Do you have any other pets?
Do you have any children in your household?
Do you have time for training and socialisation for a dog or puppy?
Do you have any previous dog experience?

How we can help you
I have a dog that I need help rehoming, can you take them?
We can sometimes take in dogs from private homes for rehoming. However, we are limited by our foster space available and we try and reserve space for dogs on death row at the pounds who contact us for help. We recommend trying to rehome your dog yourself first by advertising on TradeMe or Facebook groups. You are also welcome to share them on our wall so that anyone scrolling through can see them. If you get stuck or have an urgent rehoming case, please do contact us and we will do our best to assist or point you in the right direction.

Do you have any advice for rehoming my dog myself?
Be very careful about who you rehome your dog to. Not everyone who wants a dog is looking out for their best interest, and it is up to you to select the right home for your dog. We recommend asking similar questions to what we ask our potential adoptees. Do they have a fully fenced section? Do they have time for your dog long-term? Can you keep in touch and see how they are doing? And most of all, trust your gut instinct. If your dog doesn’t like the person or you get an odd vibe from them, that is usually a good sign that it’s not the right fit.

Can you help me desex my dog?
Yes we can offer discounted desexing to those in genuine need of help through our Desex a Dog program. Message the Desex a Dog Facebook page to enquire about this. We work with Hamilton Vets for this. https://www.facebook.com/dcdesexado…

I think a dog is being abused. Can you help?
We are an independent organisation and have no legal authority to seize dogs. If you suspect that a dog is being abused or neglected, contact the SPCA or your local animal control as soon as possible.I found a wandering dog. Can you take it to rehome?
We cannot take wandering dogs without owners permission. Please post a photo and description on the NZ Lost and Found pets register https://www.facebook.com/NZlostpets and share on local Facebook groups as well as Pets on the Net http://www.petsonthenet.co.nz/. Do ask for some sort of identifying detail from people trying to claim the dog to ensure that they are in fact the correct owner – for example “What colour is their collar?” etc. We also recommend taking them down to the local vets to scan for a microchip. If they have a council tag, you can call the local council to find out if they have the owners details on file. Many owners will check with the council first if their dog goes missing, so please give them a description of the dog.

No Shows
If you make a time to view a dog and cannot make it, please let the foster parent know as soon as possible. If you do not show up and do not contact the foster home, you will be put at the bottom of the adoption list for future dogs.

Abusive comments or messages to the page or volunteers will not be tolerated. Anyone doing this will be blocked.