Desex A Dog – A DC Rescue Dogs Initiative

DesexADogFlyerWebsiteRescue is heart breaking at the best of times and realistically is the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, we need to target the problem head on so we have started this side to our rescue to make an impact. With a successful rescue we are proud of, we are out to save even more lives. Desex-A-Dog is run by dedicated volunteers who strive to make a difference to the lives of many.

Last year one of our lovely ladies took a visit to a pound to see what dogs they had available.
There were numerous sad faces behind the doors to their cells that day. Each one just as deserving as the next.
But one stood out……. she would become our driver to make more of a difference.

As she sat depressed above her babies, cold concrete and no home comforts, she wasn’t to know the impact she had made that day would save lives.

As we drove her and all her babies home, the look on her face changed, her mood lifted, her tongue was hanging out, she was smiling and excited that she wouldn’t succumb to her fate like so many others in the same situation. Her and all her babies were finally safe and would now get the chance of a lifetime with amazing new families.

This special mumma had an angel watching over her and her babies that day.

Realistically though this should never have happened. Desexing would have prevented her babies from being born and having to face the elements of a pound. While these pups were lucky that we were able to help them and their mum, so many dogs and puppies never get that chance.

Desex-A-Dog is that angel watching over dogs at risk.
We are going to make an impact and with your help we are going to save lives.

We were so lucky to have met that gorgeous mumma that day, it changed our lives that day, a picture we will all live with forever.

Help Desex-A-Dog help the voiceless, donate today and be their angel: 03-1318-0109617-001

Here are just a few of the dogs were have desexed so far through the Desex a Dog Program. If you or someone you know needs assistance desexing your dog, please get in touch. Conditions apply.